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and provide complete online marketing strategies to bring you business. Clients, sales and inquiries. Why else would anyone have a website?

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Professional Web Services

Complete internet and web strategies. From concept to online marketing, advertising and social media campaigns

Lethbridge Community Network brings decades of experience to our clients, to ensure they have the internet solutions to provide brand awareness, professional appearance and consistent, effect online marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.

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Web Services

Web Site Creation

From planning to design to coding. Making what you have ... better. Results oriented presentation.

Web Site Updates and Management

LCN will manage your site, and provide one hour of web updates, backups or marketing each month at no additional costs.

Internet / Online Marketing

Branding online, with traditional support. Analyzing the effectiveness of every element on a web page, to ensure actions are taken by the end-user.

Database Design

Everything can be done onlne. Forms, processes, lists.

Internet-Based Programming

You want to do that - we can get it online.

User Experience

Web sites and social media are more than words on a screen. If a user cannot find the call to action - we need to make some changes so they can and do act.


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Web Development

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Data Form Processing

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Online Marketing

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Brand Management

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Search Strategy

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