Ecycle 2016: Electronics Recycling Drive

Supporting our mandate and keeping e-waste out of our landfills

General Ecycle 2016 Info

Lethbridge Community Network has organized another Ecycle Drive to coincide with the New year. From January 8th – 17th, Lethbridge and area residents are encouraged to drop off their unwanted or outdated electronics in e-recycle bins at the Chinook Tourist Information Center, Save-On Foods North, Save-On Foods West, and LCN’s offices. Proceeds from recycled items help finance LCN’s mandate to provide public access to information and technology, maintain over 45 public access computers in the community, and advance our free public Wi-Fi initiative.

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Media Resources

Our Ecycle 2016 Press Release is available in PDF format for your convenience.

Press Release PDF

Future Plans

Due to the successes of our previous Ecycle Drives and our expectations for Ecycle 2016, we are pursuing the possibility of permanent electronic recycling locations within the city. This will include participating in governments' environmental programs and working with local retailers to host recycle bins exclusively for electronics.

For more information contact:

Alan E. Schneider
Executive Director
Tel: 403.317.7799
Cell: 604.731.1234

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