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Urban Wi-Fi Initiative - Presentation

PLEASE NOTE The following presentation includes additional slides from what was presented at Council on July, 21, 2014. The initial slides provide a background on LCN and its recent/continued contributions to the community. THE URBAN WI-FI INITIATIVE, AND THE PILOT PROJECTS ARE INTRODUCED IN SLIDE #18.

Building upon LCNs success in providing community access to information since 2004, the URBAN Wi-Fi INITIATIVE comprises three key phases directed towards ease of access to information in Lethbridge.

1. Develop a network of free, public, Wi-Fi hotspots in the city, covering major gathering areas (bus transfer points, public parks, cultural centers) and recreation areas (sports venues, arenas etc.)
2. Building a hi-tech transit station (stop) downtown equipped with solar power for LED displays of schedules, local events and advertising, climate controlled, and USB charging ports.
3. Enabling Wi-Fi access on public transportation vehicles throughout the city.

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